Authentication with Github

Many resources in the Service Mesh Hub are stored in Github. As you install or modify service mesh extensions you may encounter rate limiting issues.

You can resolve this by creating a Kubernetes secret with a valid Github token.

Get a Github token

If you do not already have a Github token, you can acquire one as described in the Github docs

Create a Kubernetes secret

With your token, run the following command to create a secret:

GITHUB_TOKEN=<token-value> ./install/

Alternatively, you can call this command:

kubectl create secret generic github-token \
    -n sm-marketplace \

Restart the Service Mesh Hub pods

Now that you have created the necessary secret, you need to restart the Service Mesh Hub pods so they can use it.

If you have not installed anything yet, you can restart all the pods in the sm-marketplace namespace.

kubectl delete pod -n sm-marketplace --all

Alternatively, just delete the smm-operator and smm-apiserver pods:

kubectl get pods -n sm-marketplace
kubectl delete pod -n sm-marketplace smm-operator-<ABC> # substitute actual pod name
kubectl delete pod -n sm-marketplace smm-apiserver-<DEF> # substitute actual pod name

After these pods have been restarted you should have no further issues with Github ratelimits.