Contributing to the Service Mesh Hub

  • Contributing
  • The Service Mesh Hub is a space designed for service mesh application developers to share their work and to allow for easy installation and management of said applications. Contributions to the Service Mesh Hub come in the form of extension specs. More details on authoring these extensions can be found here. An explanation on the basic structure of the hub repo can be found here, this doc will explain in slightly more detail the structure of an individual extension folder.

  • Authoring Extensions
  • This document will guide you through the process of publishing your own mesh extension to the Service Mesh Hub. For any question you might have that is not addressed here, please join our community Slack channel. Glossary Extension directory: the directory in extensions/v1 that contains the specification for your extension. Extension Spec: the .yaml file at the base of your Extension directory that described your mesh extension. Versioned Spec: a section of the Extension Spec that represents a particular version of the extension.